What is Quadrant45?

As a lawyer, screenwriter, indie film producer, entrepreneur, start-up consultant, game designer, event creator – I’ve learned that my work always returns to a core mission – persuasive communication through compelling stories delivered to the right audience for a specific result.

For whatever DNA-level reason, my passion for “the creative side” is always tethered to a geek-level desire to design an optimal business pathway for success (with its many definitions) and most importantly, finishing the job. In other words, the film should be seen. The game played. The services hired, the product bought, and like Atticus Finch, the legal argument should be designed to carry the day despite the overwhelming odds.*

The tagline “at the intersection of business and creativity” is a simplification of where this passion lives.

So then, to the point. What is the purpose of this Quadrant45?

Quadrant45 is an ongoing attempt to illustrate, curate, catalog, and share projects that reflect my work – both creative and business (with the exception of my most, most gratifying “day job,” as a business-entertainment-IP lawyer, Of Counsel to Bracepoint Law, you’ve got to go elsewhere for that).

Note: I chose the photograph above - Albert Einstein in 1913 - because he is playing the violin.  Elsa Einstein: “Music helps him when he is thinking about his theories... he goes to his study, comes back, strikes a few chords on the piano, jots something down, returns to his study.” An intersection that intrigues me.

*Yes, know Mr. Finch tragically did not prevail in securing an acquittal for Tom Robinson – but the reference is to see if you’re still reading as well as homage to one of our family’s favorite stories and characters. And Mr. Finch, with such nobility, won in so many other ways worth exploring – blog, anyone?

Our Story

Life is messy. My epically wonderful wife Melody will attest, my/our ongoing efforts to engage in these varied pursuits, spend a decade or so fighting cancers, raise two wonderful children to adulthood who seem to be contributing to the betterment of the planet on a daily basis, and our more recent discoveries that we have a taste for microhistory, event design, and community activism, has not brought order to the chaos.

So, this website is messy. I built it – take a dive into whatever is interesting, look under the hood, kick a tire. Let me know if there’s an intersection somewhere we should meet up. I’m big on coffee.



Photo: Albert Einstein welcomed at the Newark Airport in 1939.  I like the era, the airplanes, and well, the signature hair.